Big Muddy Speaker Series

2019-02-13 18:00:00 - 2019-02-13 20:30:00

Big Muddy Speaker Series


     Greenway Network needs your help to help protect the Katy Trail and the Bangert Island Conservation Area in the City of St. Charles by supporting the creation of a greenway in the area.
     At the Feb 13th Big Muddy Speakers Series we will be talking about Bangert Island. 
     Greenway Network has serious concerns about the proposal by the City of St Charles for commercial development on the Katy Trail State Park and near Bangert Island Park which will seriously impact the Missouri River and nearby communities.
     For information on the development go to  
     The Feb.13 Big Muddy Speaker Series will be a panel discussion on Bangert Island's future.

     The development will have negative impacts on the Missouri River such as increased polluted storm water runoff affecting our drinking water, a more constricted floodplain which will result in more flooding and increased taxpayer costs associated with the repairing of damages incurred by flooding events. The development will increase traffic danger on the Katy Trail and have a serious environmental impact on Bangert Island. 
     Bangert Island was a Conservation Area owned by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation which gave up the control of the island to the City of St. Charles. Bangert Island is currently leased to St Charles County Parks and volunteers have established a trail system in the park. The park is a wonderful wildlife habitat and is great for bird watching. This proposal is a case of over-development which will cause increased traffic in already congested roads, negative impacts to the nearby Katy Trail and the Bangert Island Park.

     We are concerned over the lack of public involvement in determining whether this development should be taxpayer subsidized. The cost to the taxpayer in subsidizing this development should be discussed with the taxpayers. The nearby Streets of St. Charles development has received hundred of millions of tax breaks taking money away from St. Charles City services to their citizens. This development will impact small local restaurants in St. Charles who do not get tax breaks.  We ask how much public funding this proposal is asking for?

     There are numerous flood buy-out properties from the 1993 flood which have development restrictions which are included in the development proposal, the Katy Trail is a Rails to Trails, which calls for the preservation of the railway right a way and there are deed restrictions on development or construction on Bangert Island. How can this proposal be even considered with these restrictions in place?

     Greenway Network has long supported the development of the Bangert Island Greenway in this area, but there is nothing green about this proposal. Please help get more information out on this proposal and attend any public meetings held on the proposal.
     Greenway Network helped develop access to this park utilizing flood buy out property and have sponsored numerous clean up and honeysuckle removal events in past years to help maintain the park.

     Join us at the Big Muddy Speakers Feb.13 at 6:00pm at Big A's 308 N. Main, St. Charles, Mo. to learn more.

 Here is a resolution the Greenway Network passed in 2014
Whereas Bangert Island Conservation Area and nearby properties along the Katy Trail State Park are in St .Charles County and are zoned by St. Charles County as open space and parks because the properties very flood prone.
     Greenway Network suggest the properties adjacent to the Bangert Island Conservation Area, some of which had been included in the 1993 St. Charles County flood buy-out program remain in St. Charles County as open space.
     Greenway Network suggest that programs be developed to buy properties from willing sellers of properties along the corridor between the Katy Trail and Bangert Island. Those properties could then be included in the  Bangert Island Conservation Area and would enhance the nearby Katy Trail and the Bangert Island Conservation Area.
     Greenway Network  suggests future economic development in the vicinity of the Bangert Island Conservation Area and the Katy Trail State Park be located along the west side of South River Road and be compatible with St. Charles County Zoning Regulations.